I’m Happy to Provide Bilingual Officiant Services in Austin

There’s a reason my former couples refer their friends, coworkers, and relatives to me. I am completely fluent in Spanish, and am culturally fluent as well – having lived in Mexico and El Salvador, and in Los Angeles and San Diego –  I understand the nuances and differences of culture and traditions between the varying Latinx countries.


Wedding rituals and traditions in the Latinx community vary from country to country. One of the common factors is the Catholic church. While I am certainly not a Priest, and my ceremonies are much shorter than a Catholic service, I can incorporate some traditions such as blessing your wedding rings with holy water, either during or before the ceremony. For the rites of Baptisms and Baby Dedication, I provide a certificate as an official record.

As a bilingual Spanish-speaking Officiant, I am also very familiar with the Mexican traditions of Lazo and Arras and have officiated many ceremonies which include these traditions.


 Las tradiciones en la comunidad Latinx varían de un país a otro. Uno de los factores comunes es la iglesia católica. Si bien ciertamente no soy sacerdote y mis ceremonias son mucho más cortas que una misa católica, puedo incorporar algunas tradiciones católicas, como bendecir sus anillos de boda con agua sagrada, ya sea durante o antes de la ceremonia. Para los bautismos de niños y adultos y las dedicaciones de bebés, yo proveo un certificado del bautismo como un registro oficial.

Como oficiante bilingüe que habla español, también soy una experta en las tradiciones mexicanas de Lazo y Arras, y de las Quinceaneras, y he hecho muchas ceremonias que incluyen estas tradiciones.